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MAC Cargo Pte Ltd

offer customers a full-service logistics, documentation with quality services to cater to their needs and requirement at competitive rates and service efficiency due to our extensive and efficient global network

Freight Solution


Mac Cargo Pte Ltd provides air freight services to all locations globally. Although it might be viewed as being more costly than sea freight, it is still crucial for moving of urgent cargo. Did you know that it is more cost effective to ship small volumes of cargo via air freight? 

Because of this, we recognise the fundamental role that air freight plays in many businesses. Therefore, it is important to secure a reliable partner that can transport your goods across the globe, efficiently and at competitive prices. We strive to be that partner for you.


Despite the ease of speed that air freight can provide, there is still a high demand for sea freight as a cost-effective mode to ship large volumes with less urgent cargo internationally over long distances.

Besides door-to-door or port-to-port services, our value-added services include palletizing and crating for export, as well as container stuffing and unstuffing.

Additionally, if you are unsure of whether to ship via Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL), or if your cargo will be able to fit into a 20' container, we will be able to advise on this and other     shipping issues that might arise.


A “hand-carry” is where a member of Mac Cargo Pte Ltd team will travel on the next scheduled flight with the customer’s goods as their baggage, and literally hand-carry them to their customer’s required destination.

The staff that have vast experience and can provide global hand carry service...anytime, anywhere.

Items that we frequently hand carry include printed circuit boards, machine parts, retail samples, devices and many others. We commit to provide a quotation and flight routing within time frame of the initial request.



Do you import large quantities of non-dutiable cargo? Manage your cash flow better by storing your cargo in our FTZ warehouse. GST is suspended upon importation, and only payable upon removal from the FTZ warehouse into the local market. We understand that some companies require their cash flow to maintain day-to-day operations. Such an arrangement may even help to save on the required GST should you eventually decide to have the goods re-exported. If your cargo is merely in Singapore on transit, we also provide trans loading services here.

Having storage problems? We can help with a flexible warehousing solution and a comprehensive range of value-added services such as sorting, repacking, labelling, container stuffing/unstuffing, cargo crating/uncrating, disposal services