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MAC Cargo Pte Ltd

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About Us

MAC Cargo Pte Ltd
is a logistic company which strives to bring companies logistic needs
liasing with professional courier companies throughout the regions, enhancing logistic support for the business

MAC Cargo Pte Ltd
trusted to deliver reliable cargo handling services for international freight. Door to Door Specialist to Indonesia. On board Courier/Hand-Carry. Oil & Gas Equipment/ship spares in transit. Warehousing & Storage services. Door to Door trucking to Malaysia. Barge Services to Malaysia ports and Batam. Importer and Exporter of meat products and seafood.

Mission Statement & Values

MAC Cargo Pte Ltd
with dedicated, experienced and professionals staff offer logistics enquiries and services with cost efficient, flexibility term and service proficiency.
We always take pride and priority in customer satisfaction, gaining confidence & trust to valued clients by conducting business with complete honesty and intergrity.